About Us


My name is Frances, I am one of the owners of this company, and I was born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia. I opened Blast All in 1992 with a goal of developing an abrasive blasting company that would meet the needs of both large corporations and walk-in customers with the equal levels of commitment.
Through the years, not only have I conducted business, but I made plenty of friends along the way. My goal was to make this the largest and friendliest business that people would want to return to time and time again!


I'm Anthony, the second owner of Blast-All (the All in Blast-All), and I was also born in Gainesville, Georgia. Prior to developing this business, I spent many years working in the poultry industry, and thats where my experience came from.
First one to arrive at the shop in the morning and generally the last one to leave, I've always upheld my commitment to our customers' garenteed satisfaction. Regardless of the job given, I'm the guy that can, and will, get the job done right.

Our Commitment

We pledge to give every customer our best effort to ensure their satisfaction and garentee their business in the future.

We pledge to make every customer feel at home at our facility.

Phone #: (770) - 532 - 8010 - Fax #: (770) - 532 - 5985
Email: frances@blast-all-inc.com - Address: 761 Grove Street, Gainesville GA 30501